Cannabis Tarotâ„¢


Beautiful Existence (B3), has been working with Cannabis Plant Spirit for many lifetimes. Utilizing their past knowledge as an Egyptian High Priest, and Indigenous Medicine Keeper, B3 came back to this embodiment's remembering in 2017 with their channeling of the lost wisdoms of the Cannabis Chakras, in their sold-out book: The Next Level - Cannabis Wisdom for our World. The same year they spiritually-birthed the historic Cannabis Tarot™ which is housed in four International Museums in Brussels, Amsterdam, Barcelona, California, and honored as part of the MIT Distinctive Collection in 2019.

B3 is a non-binary mother to two brilliant souls, a C-level Business Oracle in the Cannabis industry, an Internationally-known Influencer & Sologamist, and is working on their PhD research in the translative axioms of ineffable literature.

Beautiful Existence (B3) has been featured for decades in this lifetime for their progressive embodiment that exemplifies moving past limiting distractions. You can find pages of press coverage on all search platforms, or go directly to a couple of current links we have listed on our Cannabis Tarot™ page.

B3 has gone through initiations to a fully-remembered state of Soul SOV3R3IGNTY. They offer their decades & lifetimes of remembered, practiced wisdoms to you through their various literary pieces, divination tools, personal & professional guidance, and here, in the M3Ds & with our virtual community SOURC3