Cannabis Tarot™

The Cannabis Tarot™

This historic deck is part of the Cannabis Plant Spirit and Magick lineages and was spiritually birthed by Beautiful Existence, and assisted by both Cannabis Plant Spirit, as well as Master Oracle Madame Lenormand

This limited-print deck is now housed in four International Museums in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, and California, and honored as part of the MIT Distinctive Collection.

ACTIVAT3 your Cannabis Plant Spirit and Magick lineages by becoming a sacred member of this thriving community with Apprenticeships, Exclusive Events, NEW Cannabis Plant Spirit divination tools, and a strong rooting in and B3YOND embodiment with SOUL SOV3R3IGHTY!


Get a FREE COPY of the Cannabis Plant Chakras with your annual membership to SOURC3, our sacred Cannabis Tarot™ community with giveaways, Cannabis Tarot™ readings, weekly SOV3R3IGNTY videos & MORE!

Cannabis Tarot™ is a registered trademark of B3 LLC, all rights reserved. 2021

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Mother Ganja’s Healing Love

"Beautiful's relationship with cannabis redefines what it means to be connected to spirit and present in your power"...
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Cannabis Tarot™ Becomes World’s First Cannabis NFT Collectible...

Blockchain & Bitcoin will never be the same according to some inside traders and stock enthusiasts.

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SKUNK Magazine

The Cannabis Tarot™ can be regularly seen in SKUNK Magazine in both online and print for regular readings, and specialty Cannabis Plant Spirit features. 

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The Cannabis Tarot™ Apprenticeships

Cannabis Plant Spirit called its creator, Beautiful Existence (B3), in 2021 to start an Apprenticeship and grow the sacred MAGICK community that has been activated with The Cannabis Tarot™ since 2016. 

All Apprenticeships are an at-your-own pace, remote, 12-month obligation, so anybody in the WORLD that is activated by the MAGICK & Plant Spirit lineages can become an *Apprentice!

To apply for The Cannabis Tarot™

*Apprenticeship application announcements privately emailed to SOURC3 members.

*Apprenticeship applications announced early every year and awarded by March

*Apprenticeships start in April and ends the following March

*Apprenticeships enjoy EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to use this trademarked & copyrighted deck publicly

Maia Jolicoeur


Maia grew up learning martial arts & survival skills. This led her to have a strong etheric connection & developed abilities to higher realms. This allows Maia to take a unique approach in her work with the Cannabis Tarot™.


Kay Tummino

Kay has been beating her drum with love and compassion as a healer & intuitive oracle for years. She is inspired by the inherent amazingness of human beings and her favorite thing is connecting with so many beautiful souls through this work. 



Sammie Rae

Sammie Rae has been on her path of alignment for a few years now and getting to work with Beautiful Existence has amplified her journey. As a ceramic artist & dyer, she loves working with others and helping them connect to their creative side. 

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